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Executive Director of Himejima Kodomoen Takahiko Iwasaki's writing

【From "Himejima Kodomoen Newsletter"】
Perspective(48)・・・Support for a Child Who Pushes, Hits and Bites
Perspective(47)・・・A Child Who Speaks Seemingly Irrelevant Words
Perspective(46)・・・Fostering Voluntary Communication of Needs
Perspective(45)・・・Ability Encouragement with a Catch … Who Makes Use of These Abilities?
Perspective(44)・・・The Process of Developing Expression of Intentions and Its Consideration
Perspective(43)・・・Group Living for The First Timer -Consideration for The Peace of Mind of Parent and Child
Perspective(42)・・・Words of Blessing from The Executive Director -Wishing for The Healthy Growth of Each Child
Perspective(41)・・・Enhancing Child-raising Abilities in The Home
Perspective(40)・・・To Not Waver. In Your Principles When Child-raising  
Perspective(39)・・・Double Check! How to Approach a Child with Tantrums
Perspective(38)・・・The Formation of Behavioral Problems -Let's Respect The Individual's Wishes
Perspective(37)・・・Turning Your Misfortune into Opportunity…Give Individual Consultations A Try!
Perspective(36)・・・To The Grandparents Who Provide Child-Raising Assistance
Perspective(35)・・・What Connects People? … Across The Word Barrier
Perspective(34)・・・Considering Problem Resolutions Together Through Group Consultations
Perspective(33)・・・Supporting a New Step … The Role of Supporters and Guardians
Perspective(32)・・・Asking the same question over and over … Who is the one that doesn't understand?
Perspective(31)・・・The Joy of Discovering a Child's Feelings
Perspective(30)・・・Aggressive Behaviors and Self-injury
Perspective(29)・・・Children Who Have Strong Anxieties About Strangers
Perspective(28)・・・Our philosophy … how to perceive persistence
Perspective(27)・・・From Incomprehensible Behaviors to Direct Self-Expression
Perspective(26)・・・"Because it's for you" causes misconception
Perspective(25)・・・The Individual, Friends, and A Group
Perspective(24)・・・Words and Expressions That Should Be Re-examined
Perspective(23)・・・"Problematic Behaviors (Problematic for Adults)" - Its Meaning and Ways to Cope
Perspective(22)・・・Being prepared when treating your child
Perspective(21)・・・Fundamental Daily Living … The Importance of Comfort and Reassurance
Perspective(20)・・・Recommending Consultations
Perspective(19)・・・Human Relationships and Communication
Perspective(18)・・・What is the diagnosis or judgement for?
Perspective(17)・・・Message through "Perspective" 
Perspective(16)・・・A child is trying hard to express themselves
Perspective(15)・・・When it's difficult to hold your child... 
Perspective(14)・・・A child who doesn't cry even they fall
Perspective(13)・・・Holding hands
Perspective(12)・・・For a Child to Fit into Their New Environment with Ease
Perspective(11)・・・An Adult and A Child - Consideration Based on the Relationship Between the "Observer" and the "Observed"
Perspective(10)・・・The Wishes of Adults and the Feelings of Children
Perspective(9)・・・The Relationship Between Eating and Communication
Perspective(8)・・・Considerations for children with intellectual disabilities when they become an older sibling
Perspective(7)・・・Understanding the feelings of a sibling
Perspective(6)・・・Understanding and Acceptance are equally important
Perspective(5)・・・Mental stability will affect perception of things and people
Perspective(4)・・・Wild Independence & Social Independence
Perspective(3)・・・There are reasons behind an action, even if it appears "sudden"
Perspective(2)・・・Building a relationship starts with realization
Perspective(1)・・・Stand in the child's shoes and you will see

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