Message from the Executive Director

Perspectivei6j "Understanding and Acceptance are equally important"

@There are three aspects to the human mind: intellect, emotion and intention. Intellect works to understand the meanings and relationships of things and occurrences. Emotions express pleasure, displeasure, satisfaction, dissatisfaction, stability and instability. Intention is very important in determining the orientation of a personfs actions. These three aspects influence one another. Today, Ifd like to talk about the importance of considering emotions and intentions.

@When an adult gives a child some challenges in life and the child canft understand how to respond, they become confused.
They become unstable and sometimes have tantrums. In such cases, firstly we need to review what meanings the challenge holds for them. Then we need to support them in gaining understanding depending on their individual intellect. For example, it is useful to show photographs or tangible items instead of solely relying on words, give concrete examples, try things together, help them when they need it, and encourage and praise them.

@It is necessary at this time to consider not only intellect but emotions and intentions. If things are easy to comprehend and do, and are complimented by the individualfs ambition and will to try their sense of achievement and self-motivation to preserve develops.

@ However, the challenge set by the adult doesnft always suit the childfs motives or interests. Even though they understand the task, they feel negatively towards it, or sometimes feel that it is uninteresting or unnecessary. If we ask the child to try the task without their consent, they start to feel pressured and as a result, they might suppress their emotions and end up overconforming because they canft make their own decisions. Late at school-age or during adulthood, not only can they not utilize the abilities they supposedly acquired, feelings such as gI have to do this even though I donft want to,h and gI canft stop doing this even though I feel tired.h result in excessive behavior which causes difficulties in their daily life.

@ When we look at a childfs growth in the long run, it is very important to build good character traits in order to avoid such scenarios and enable the child to enjoy an active and confident lifestyle by considering not only their comprehension of a situation but also their emotions and intentions in our interaction with them.

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