Message from the Executive Director

Perspectivei5j "Mental stability will affect perception of things and people"

@Childrenfs interest in things and the people around them expand little by little with the development of their dependence and the communication of their demands and intentions to their mother or staff. The sense of security that they feel and their interest in the outside world is evident in the closeness of the relationship with the adult.

@Letfs consider the relationship between mental stability and perception of things and people.

@People are very sensitive. Even for us adults, our perception of things and people change depending on our state of mind. Especially in the case of children who have less experience and knowledge, the effect on their state of mind is obvious.

@ For example, when children are calm and secure, they have room to accept othersf approaches or stimulus and they have an outward-looking attitude, because their foundation of gselfh is stable. They pay attention to things around them and try to understand relationships through visual and auditory cues; skills which are important for observing the outside world. They naturally develop motivation for the people and activities around them, gI wonder what they are doing?h, gIt looks interesting,h or gI want to try that too.h Within this, they distinguish the presence and voice of their favorite person and hence cultivate their personal relationships.

@ On the other hand, when children are unstable, they feel the approaches and stimuli of other people as invasive. Under these circumstances, defensive behaviors increase. For example, they are troubled by voices or sounds which usually wouldnft bother them, and so they close their eyes, cover their ears, or try to get away. Children cannot deal with discomfort, anxiety, or dissatisfaction very well like adults. Because they use their mind power to stabilize their emotions, it is quite difficult to have motivation for or interest in things around them. They also tend to avoid associating with others.

@When considering the above, we realize how important it is to focus on the childfs state of mind in order to develop their interest and understanding of things and people around them. All sorts of things happen to children every day, and their minds waver each time something occurs. The sensitivity of adults towards their discomfort, anxiety, dissatisfaction and problems holds the key to keeping them calm and stable. Letfs review their daily lives and discuss concrete ways in which we can support the stability of their minds.

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