Message from the Executive Director

Perspectivei20j "Recommending Consultations"

@ Adults need emotional support in order to raise a child with confidence and reassurance, in the same manner that a child requires the support of adults during their personal growth to become strongly motivated. This time, I will talk about the significance of a gconsultationh in helping to deal with difficulties or problems faced.

@When we face big difficulties or problems, there are cases in which we can or canft solve it with the help of our past experiences. If you can identify this difference, you can ask for help when needed, and the situation will certainly move toward resolution and improvement. But if you strongly feel, gI have to do it by myself!h, you might find that you dig yourself into a hole, because you push yourself to the limit.

@Particularly, mothers who tend to be closest to their child, end up in a position where feel a sense of burden. They donft always have room to breathe. The situation that fosters hardship and anxieties often occurs to mothers within their daily lives: their own physical condition, their own problems, caring for another child (if they have others), housework, not being able to get other peoplefs understanding or cooperation, and concern for others, in addition to the difficulties and worries they have in connection with their child.

@In these situations, it will help a lot if you have someone who knows your family or situation well to talk to or consider the situation together. Even just talking about your anxieties, worries, and complaints will reduce your burden. One psychiatrist expressed well the benefit of consultations, by saying that gHanasuh (gtalkingh in Japanese) relates to gHanasuh (greleasingh in Japanese); releasing yourself from the burden of your worries. Also, while we talk, the problem is naturally sorted out, and we often realize things we were not aware of before. In addition, there are times when you might find a new solution by putting your head together with a third party. (Some counselors liken this cooperative problem-solving to the team work of fishing.)

@It is necessary for childrenfs healthy growth to have understanding and cooperation of not only the mother but also the father and the people around them. However, in reality, it is normal that each household has issues. There are many cases in which the father is busy working, or it is difficult to consult with the father because of the assumed difference in thinking or seeing things.

@ It is essential for mothers to provide emotional care in order for their child to be happy. We hope in future you are able to build relationships where you can patiently consult with family members. We would also like to support your childfs growth and think of how we can solve various problems together. Experiences of burdens being reduced and problems being solved through consultations will surely cultivate your confidence in feeling that it will be OK even if something happens! and sense of gfamily powerh that converts trouble into chance.

@ Please use not only our group consultations but our individual consultations too.

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