Message from the Executive Director

Perspectivei31j "The Joy of Discovering a Child's Feelings"

@ There are many stories that we hear from guardians whose child (early childhood - school age) needs developmental support that moves those of us who provide this support. I will introduce the stories of guardians when they first discovered the feelings and intentions of their child who hadnft yet been able to verbally express themselves well.
  • I didnft think that my child who canft talk had any intentions at all until we started to go to the center. Then, I felt uncomfortable when I saw staff talking and explaining things, asking for intentions, voicing their thoughts, apologizing and comforting the children who couldnft even reply to them. To be honest, I questioned whether the children even understood. But when I myself tried to talk to my child like the staff did, he started to make eye contact with me, and if I comforted him when he had a tantrum by asking questions, he would calm down. Now I can say, gThis child is listening and can understand!h with confidence.

  • I used to say nothing to my child when I left her to go to the bathroom, etc. (Come to think of it, she used to cry a lot in front of the door.) And when I went out shopping, I asked a family member to stay at home with her and left quietly. When I took the stafffs advice and told my child where I was going, she started to stop crying or getting cranky and looked at my face and said goodbye to me. Now, when I get home, she runs to hug me. She can understand if I tell her the truth and console her.

  • When my husband and I talk, our child probably wants to join us as he steps between us. He sometimes mistook our actions as fighting depending on the mood of our conversation, and held our hands and demanded that we held hands with each other. He cares about us in his own way, and often listens to our conversations.

  • When I was in bed with a cold, my child brought over a glass and asked for juice many times. I had poured the juice, thinking gIfm too tired to deal with this nowh, when he held the glass out to me. He cared about me, it was not for him!

  • Until now, even if my child was reluctant, I kept teaching her because I thought it was for her sake. But now that she has become a junior high school student, I look back at the past and realize that she hasnft developed any of the abilities that I desperately taught her. When I gave up and left her to herself, she started to express herself: gI donft like X!h or gI will do this!h She couldnft complete anything she was asked, but she has continued an illustrated diary that she decided to start by herself. At first, she answered gI donft know.h even when asked what she wanted. But now we see she has her own will.
@@These everyday episodes teach us that a child has their own will. We would like to understand each childfs individuality and cultivate their expression and communication skills together with their guardians.

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