Message from the Executive Director

Perspectivei7j "Understanding the feelings of a sibling"

@Today, Ifd like to share the story of a child who has a sibling with intellectual disabilities.

@The incident occurred at Awaji Kodomoen (Daycare center for children with intellectual disabilities) which focuses on family support as one of its principal pillars. A 3-year-old child, K , with developmental delays and autism tendencies started to come to the center with his mother on Parent and Child Attendance Day. After a while, his father started to participate in therapeutic care and the older brother of 2 years also started to come to the center.

@One day, Kfs brother came to the center with his father (it might be more accurate to say that he brought his father), because he wanted to consult with me, the president. When I showed them into the room, the father started to say gIn actuallych to which Kfs brother earnestly interrupted gPlease let me talk!h as if to say gToday is my consultation!h

@ c Both my father and my mother treat me and my brother unfairly. They always make me put up with my brother. When I am doing my homework, my brother interrupts me by touching my things without asking, tearing my books, and writing in my notebook.
Even though it is my brother who is bad, Ifm always scolded, gItfs your fault that you left it out.h When we take a bath, Ifm asked to wait until he counts to ten, so I canft get out of the bath until my brother has finished counting.

@ Kfs brother continued to complain desperately. He was probably in need of some energy. After he talked for a while, he fell asleep exhausted.

@I was touched by his direct appeal. I think that with his whole heart he wanted me to listen to his feelings. His father was considerate too. He listened to his sonfs complaints with me and honestly admitted, gHe was right.h His father told me, gHe had been watching our consultation with you about K. My wife and I often talked in front of our children about going to the center for a consultation, so I think he listened to us and decided that he wanted to do that too. h

@When I saw Kfs brother at a family event after this incident and asked him, gHow are your parents treating you?h, he told me, @"So-soh which didnft sound entirely bad. According to his parents, the older son was much happier even despite squabbling with his sibling. He probably no longer holds back, is a lot more direct with his younger brother, and feels much better. On the other hand, he cares about his younger brother and sometimes lets him have his own way. K not only asserts himself but is also patient, and the whole family is a lot more stable.

@We are yet to support the siblings through family support.

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