Message from the Executive Director

"Words of Blessing from The Executive Director -Wishing for The Healthy Growth of Each Child"

@Our staff and guardians make an anthology of commemorative writing at the end of every school year at Himejima Kodomoen in March. Ifll introduce the gWords of Blessingh that I wrote for the preface this year.

@The cold abates, and the bright sunshine and warm wind make us feel that spring is coming. 15 out of the 40 children are going to graduate this March. child will go on to either a daycare center, kindergarten, or elementary school from April, and 25 children will continue to come to our center.

@Looking back to when their child arrived here at the age of 2 or 3, I believe many guardians had significant anxieties and worries such as gHow much does my child understand?h, gDoes my child have a will?h, gWill my childfs tantrums disappear?h, gWill my child start to talk?h or gWill my child be able to play with friends?h. The period each child attended our center ranges from one to four years. More than anything, an enthusiastic response from guardians such as gItfs become easier to be with my child.h, gIfm happy that we can understand each other.h, gCommunicating with my child has become more fun.h, etc. through life at the center, therapeutic care or consultation support, makes us happy.

@Each child grows steadily at their own pace. We can tell this from the childfs facial expressions and the twinkle in their eye when they play or do activities, and from the change in relationships with staff and family. For example, their emotions become clearer, their facial expressions softer, and they smile more. They start to like spending time with an adult to whom they are close. The gselfh which is very important for depending on others, communicating demands, expressing intentions, asserting oneself, and living amongst other people, is formed. We need to keep in mind that guiding such psychological development is not strict guidance and constant training. It is the result of the cooperation of surrounding adults such as guardians and staff, effort towards understanding the childfs feelings and the accumulation of attentive daily communication.

@Guardians also became acquainted through parent-child attendance days and family events, and were able to exchange their experiences and put their heads together in order to consider various problems related to child-raising. I think that peace of mind, a sense of solidarity and relaxed feelings that result from this also support childrenfs growth.

@For the individualfs healthy growth, the presence of a person who can trust the child and respect their will, provide support when needed, and share joy, sadness and experiences is necessary. A child cultivates trust, confidence, and self-esteem, and fosters zest for living based on such human relationships. Problems are fine if they have emotional support.

@We hope for each child to deepen their trust and confidence in the people with whom they have relationships and have fun encounters and exciting experiences in new environments. With a wide perspective on their future, we hope to support and watch over their growth together with their guardians.

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