Annual Events

Hoikuen For Guardians
April ü×Entrance ceremony
ü×Koinobori (Flying carp) event
ü×Guardian-teacher meeting
ü×Board meeting for Guardians association
May ü×Pinworm test, Urinalysis ü×Gathering of Librarians
ü×Guardian-child field trip
June ü×Plum picking tour
ü×Hunting for fireflies
ü×Dental checkup, Health checkup
ü×Class participation
ü×Home visit
ü×Guardian's orientation for the overnight
ü@ü@trip of 5-year-old children
July ü×Star festival party
ü×Playing with water in the pool
ü×Study meeting
ü×Kazenoko fathers' group
August ü×Bon dance festival
ü×Camping in Hira

ü×Night stall festival
ü×Going to Nakanoshima Pool
ü×Class meeting with the teacher in charge
September ü×Playing in the mud ü×Study meeting
ü×Individual consultations
October ü×Sports festival
ü×Field trip digging sweet potatoes
ü×Going to the theater
ü×Halloween party
November ü×Health checkup
ü×Amusement party

ü×Group meeting (Hoikuen, Baby Home, and
ü@ Jidokan)

ü×Guardian-child field trip
ü×Study meeting
December ü×Lecture on dietary education
ü×Pounding Mochi (rice cake) Party
ü×Christmas party
ü×Class participation
January ü×Class observation ü×Class participation
ü×Individual consultation
ü×Meeting for graduating children
February ü×Setsubun festival (The traditional end of
ü@ winter ceremony)

ü×Playing in the snow
March ü×Hina doll festival (Girls' day festival)
ü×Farewell field trip
ü×Farewell party
ü×Class meeting
ü×Orientation for newcomers for coming
Monthly ü×Birthday party
ü×Disaster drills
üŽAnnual events are going to change from year to year, but they are usually about the same as stated above.
üŽJoint events with Kazenoko Baby Home are included.ü@ü@ü@ü@ü@
ü@Monthly plan

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