PhotobKitchen staff meeting

The taste of lunch is important as well as how it looks. We give it a twist of color and presentation and also try to use ceramic bowls and lacquer ware as much as possible.
Osaka city granted gThe excellent institution for environmental sanitation and food sanitation in 2013h to Kazenoko Hoikuen and Kazenoko Baby Home. This is especially granted to the excellent institution for sanitary management.

Menu iEx.)
gh shows vegetables our farm work team grows at the field in Tanba.
yNew Year's menuzWhite rice, Iridori, cooked black soybeans, red and white (shredded carrots and daikon) salad, small dried sardines, mashed sweet potatoes with sweetened chestnuts and rice cake soup
Year-crossing udon noodles, Chinese style fried sweet potatoes and banana

Open sandwich, cooked cabbage in tomato sauce and corn cream soup

White rice, Nikujaga (simmered beef and potatoes in sweetened soy sauce), mixed bok-choy and shimeji mushroom with Japanese dressing and miso soup

Bibimbap, stir-fried yacon with oystrer sauce and seaweed soup

Seaweed rice, Grilled sardine in Kabayaki style, cooked red kidney beans, Noppei jiru (thick clear soup)

Checking how many meals each class needs
Grilling a lot of food in the steam convection oven

Cutting grilled fish into small pieces for children

Making baby food for infant classes

Dividing elimination diet clearly

Taking measures for bread Work Center Hoshin bakes

Washing a big turning pot hard!

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