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What is the I-Support Research Center?
 We built this research center in December 2003 in order to research child-raising support,
support of people with intellectual disabilities and autism, and support of the elderly, based on past practices.
 We have held seminars, lectures, presentations, and translated our principles, published books, and released information about “individual-centered support”.
 We cooperate with social welfare corporation Suisen Fukushikai to work on cases and provide support for their staff training and research activities. We have also held study meetings and lectures with a variety of research groups and welfare corporations.
Details of Research
 ・Case study research and presentations
 ・Publications … Practical notes, research papers, lectures, etc.
 ・Collaborative research with other institutions and research groups
 ・Lecture planning

I-Support Research Center 1-13-3 Komatsu, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka 533-0004 (Inside of Suisen Fukushikai)
<TEL>06-6327-7675 <FAX>06-6327-7676 <E-mail>i_support@suisen.or.jp