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We purchase the rice we have for lunch directly from farmers in Tanba or Nara.
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With our lunch, the taste is as important as its appearance. We use a combination of colors and presentation techniques and try to use ceramic and lacquer ware as much as possible.


This Monthfs Menu

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Letters from the Chef

This Monthfs Letter

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The kitchen
Cooking ingredients skillfully.
Making tea for the children.

Working together and cooperating with each other.
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Example Menu
White rice, broiled fish with salt, simmered daikon
(white radish from Tanba), miso soup, fruits.
White rice, fried chicken, colorful kinpira (sauted burdock and other veg in soy sauce and sugar), miso soup.

White rice, meatballs in sweet & sour sauce,
spinach with sesame paste, miso soup.

Spaghetti Napolitana, potato salad with pickled daikon, soup, fruits.

Mini rice ball, okonomiyaki, smashed cucumber pickles,
miso soup, fruits.
(okonomiyaki: Japanese cabbage pancake)

Year-crossing udon noodles, thin sushi roll, simmered vegetables, fruits.

Sushi roll for Setsubun, sardine tempura, cabbage and cucumber salad, soup with Japanese vermicelli,
Iyokan (Citrus iyo).
(Setsubun: the end of winter event)

Rice porridge with seven herbs, grilled yellowtail in teriyaki sauce, red and white vinegared salad, fruits.

yNew Yearfs menuzWhite rice, simmered vegetables in soy sauce, three kinds of special new year dishes,
rice cake soup.

yChristmas menuzKetchup-flavored rice,
fried chicken, soup, cookies.


Notice about Lunch

We post the lunch menu and nutrients table in the hallway. The nutritionists made menus that were easy for children to understand , because they wanted children to become as interested in eating as possible. The children became interested in food. They go to the nutritionists to ask about the ingredients that were in their lunch. We also try on a regular basis to teach songs or games about food, or play house with the children.


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