Contents of Activities

Relaxation time@[Photos]
Each member spends time by themselves. They organize their schedules, keep a record of their expenses and spend time on the computerc

Dance Lesson (Once a month) [Photos]
We invite an instructor for a dance lesson. Our sporty members made a group called, gHurricanesh. They perform at events in the community.

Cooking class (Once a month)@[Photos]
The members enjoy cooking dishes which they have eaten before, but donft know how to cook. They cook three kinds of foods in rotation all through the year with the objective of being able to cook by themselves.

Japanese drum@[Photos]
Clients who like to drum get together and practice once a month at Kazenoko Sodachien. They also join in the practice of the Japanese drum club in Kunijima High School. Expressing themselves by playing the drums will give them joy and confidence. Adapting to each otherfs rhythms, they finish up the song and develop a feeling of fellowship.

Activities in Tanba@[Photos]
The members join various activities in Tanba in order for them to gain more social experiences. They enjoy trying new experiences such as making soba (buckwheat) noodles, picking tea and fishing. These activities will enrich their daily lifestyles and life itself.

Joining the Tanba sasayama club@[Photos]
Our corporation owns some accommodation facilities, so we make bamboo charcoal and some crops in the fields.
Clients spend a day having a contact with nature by harvesting crops, playing in the river and barbequing while make bamboo charcoal once a month.

Activities in other places@[Photos]
Our members go to various places other than Tanba so that they can have more social experiences
Someone who has difficulty going out by themselves can have a great time with the other members.

Seasonal events and topics.

We would like to make more plans in order to have more fun times in our future vacations.

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