@We started a gLeisure Activity Clubh last year, because some clients told us gIfm bored spending weekends by myself.h, gI want to make friends.h and gI want to have a normal conversation, but I donft know how.h

@The activities for people who go to a daycare center for adults with intellectual disabilities are often limited. They donft know what to do, especially on their day off because they donft have the confidence to go out by themselves even though they want to go to various places. Therefore we started this club for them to feel at ease outside of the center and their homes and increase their social experiences.

@The main members are clients with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities who work at Kaze Kobo, Work Center Hoshin, Kazenoko Sodachien and Bakery Kaze. They organized a club called gA club for ush, discuss what they want to try or experience, make a plan and try it on their days off.

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