Daycare Center and Parents Raising Children Together
From “Kazenoko Letter” No.416 - September 2012

 At Kazenoko Hoikuen, we have offered childcare under the motto “Daycare Center and Parents Raising Children Together” for almost 50 years.

 Children grow up while going back and forth between the daycare center and their home. Therefore, they might get suffer from confusion without a relationship of trust and connection.

 There are many daycare centers and kindergarten where the relationship with the guardian is closed off. Children are usually dropped off or picked up at the entrance or yard, and guardians don’t usually enter the classroom. It’s because boundaries are set between the guardians and the center.

 In order to adhere to the above motto, it is important to be open and have an understanding instead of setting boundaries. We ask guardians to participate in a class once or twice a year, because we want them to have a good understanding of how their child spends their day and what their friendships are like.

 The reason why we organize a few class meetings a year is to communicate their progress in an ordered way, and deepen understanding through exchange of opinions. The guardians and daycare center can develop a deep and trusting relationship through this kind of communication during the lengthy process from admission to graduation.

 Eventually, it will have a good influence on the children.

 We have decided to go forward with the reformation of our events from this year. We are planning to conduct events with the cooperation of the guardians, and not take on all the responsibility ourselves.

 To give the guardians a hint of our intentions, we asked them to participate in our hunt for fireflies and camping in Biwako, and though the numbers were small, some of them did participate. And we asked for their assistance in creating an event where the children could have a good yet safe time. We received comments from those guardians that they had enjoyed themselves.

 We’d like to reinforce our style of protecting and raising children by joining forces with the guardians. I’d appreciate all the help you can give.

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