Creating an Environment in which to Raise a Child
From “Kazenoko Letter” No.414 - July 2012

 The structure of society has become complicated, and there are an increasing number of people who can’t keep up with the speed of its evolution in today’s fast-moving environment. Young people especially have this tendency. It’s become difficult for them to live independently due to depression or the appearance of various neurological problems.

 When the adults of today were younger, there were still fields and alleys where children could play. There were no things to play with, so everyone had to be creative. They adapted to an environment and demonstrated their talent to live in a complicated society through this kind of play.

 However, the environment in which children are raised is the worst right now. There are no fields, of course, and there are many cars on the roads. There are sometimes problems with strangers, so children can’t play outside by themselves. They inevitably spend time watching TV or playing with toys in a closed room.

 It might not be surprising for children who grow up in such situations to lack the ability to live with strength in society. It is said that what is labor for an adult -work, is play for a child. Taking this “play” from children means the death of them. It is that important for children to “play”.

 If we consider things in this way, it can be said that it is significant for children of future generations to go to a daycare center from an early age, even for a short time, in order to place them in a good environment in which to grow up in. At a daycare center, prolonged child care due to the guardian’s work is common, but a change in thinking might be necessary in order to solve this modern day social-pathological phenomenon. The integration of Kindergarten and daycare centers for children was advocated in newspapers and creating an integrated child center has been on the political agenda. However, there are doubts about this because it does not come from the idea to make a better environment for child-raising, but is the result of various calculations.

 It is important to further improve projects like Kosodate Hiroba (Child-raising space) that Kazenoko Hoikuen provides.

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