Volunteers for Child-raising Experience
From “Kazenoko Letter” No.412 - May 2012

 Several students from Osaka Keizai Daigaku (Osaka University of Economics) come to our three centers, Kazenoko Hoikuen, Kazenoko Baby Home and Kazenoko Jidokan Kodomo no Ie as volunteers to gain experience.

 I received feedback from students who volunteered last year. When I read their feedback, it seemed their experience with the children was full of discoveries and had a big influence on their lives.

 One third-year student, Ms. K, who visited Kazenoko Baby Home for two days wrote that she learned the following from this experience: One is that the role of the daycare center will become more important, because the shape of child-raising has changed and many guardians now work. It is important to keep a good relationship between guardians and daycare centers, because daycare is a second home for these children. She commented that the communication notebook between them plays an important role in this. I was surprised that her viewpoint was so accurate as she had only stayed with us for two days.

 Another thing is her personal thought as a young person. “Everyone grows, gets married and naturally gives birth. When that happens, people can interact with their child without hesitation if they have this kind of child-raising experience. I think child-raising experience which allows young people to interact with children is necessary, because in the society we live in now, there are many cases of child abuse.” She seems to be left with a very strong impression from this experience, because she hadn’t had the opportunity to spend time with small children before.

 Several junior high school students come to volunteer every year at the request of a couple of schools in our district. I received feedback from these junior high school students, and always found there are many of them who want to be a nursery teacher in the future because of this experience.

 We all experience the act of child-raising in our lives; not only women but also men. Therefore, it can be said that it is very important to have concrete child-raising experience with small children during our youth.

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