Happy New Year
From “Kazenoko Letter” No.408 - January 2012

 I hope you have had a healthy and happy New Year.

 We had our first joint meeting held by Kazenoko Hoikuen, Baby Home and Jidokan last fall on November 30th (Wed.) and December 3rd (Sat.), which was very worthwhile.

 We carried out a questionnaire prior to the meeting, divided guardians into groups of 5-6, and had free discussions based on the guardians’ comments and various points of view.

 It became clear from this discussion that many of them supported the features of our childcare; an open curriculum and mixed age classes. That was very nice. We felt encouraged by statements from participants remarking that they understood our purpose and intentions well.

 We value these two methods which prepare an environment in which children can grow together and gain various things in a proactive and motivated way. These methods are conducted in other daycare centers now, but we started in 1974, which was 38 years ago, and pioneering work that could not be found anywhere else in Osaka.

 Children who grew up and graduated with these methods number over 1,000. We’d like to know how our graduates have grown up and how they are active in society today.

 The New Year has started, and we will persevere in providing good childcare to children this year too. "Children raised by parents and daycare centers." Let’s work together to fulfill this motto!

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