Preparing for A Big Disaster
From “Kazenoko Letter” No.404 - September 2011

 On July 8th (Fri.), a study session about disasters was held by the Guardians Association. The instructor was Minori Yokozeki who had worked as a director from Osaka City at the crisis management office. It was a very topical theme, so more than 60 people attended.

 The story was reported in last month’s letter, but I’ll summarize the important points again supplementally.

 1. There will be 2 earthquakes in our area in the future. One is called the Tonankai Daijishin (Southeast Sea Great Earthquake). It will be the same type as the Great East Japan Earthquake, with an extensive tsunami on the Pacific coast. It will shake hard from side to side, and a little after the earthquake, a tsunami will arrive. In this case, it’s important to escape to a higher place, and there’ll be enough time to escape. With regards to the tsunami, the Higashiyodogawa ward should be OK.

 The second will be an epicentral earthquake along the Uemachi-daichi fault zone. This will be the same as the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and furniture and household goods will fall down due to the strong sway. It is necessary to wait until the sway has stopped in this type of earthquake. There are decisively more casualties in this case.

 2. If the disaster happens in the daytime, we won’t be able to go home, because the transportation system will stop. What is called Kitaku Nanmin; with refugees suddenly unable to return home. People will need to walk home from their workplace. In this case, children will stay at their daycare center.

 3. As for disaster control equipment, three days’ worth of food is desirable, and aid supply will be delivered after that. Humans need 2L of water a day. We have to anticipate measures as lifeline services such as electricity, gas, water, telephone, etc. will stop. What’s going to happen if these things stop in our current lives.

 At our daycare center, we have held a fire drill every month, but now we increase our earthquake drills. A disaster strikes when people don’t expect it, so we would like to take measures in order to stay aware.

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