The Cooperation of Fathers
From “Kazenoko Letter” No.403 - August 2011

 We held a teacher-guardians meeting for Class Shiro (Aged 0) on Saturday, July 2nd. It was a fun and friendly mood, with the constant sound of laughter. The theme was how to successfully balance raising children, doing housework and working, and how fathers could participate and offer support.

 These three big jobs have been the distress of mothers for a long time. Everything falls on mothers and they are under a lot of stress. Therefore, they vented their frustrations on their husband. The evaluation of fathers had not been very good until about 10 years ago.

 For example, fathers came home late every day, and their child was already asleep when they got back. When they had a day off, they went to play golf, to the pachinko parlor or fishing. On the other hand, the mothers kindly tried to understand their husband’s tough position as a corporate warrior and ultimately accepted the situation.

 However, I attended the Class Shiro meeting the other day, and found out that the situation had totally changed. Fathers in every family had become cooperative, helping with child-raising and housework. It seems that they are willing to prepare meals, clean up after meals, wash clothes, take baths with their child, etc. And they act naturally, not like they feel they have to.

 I was so impressed to hear one story of a father who was frustrated because he didn’t have breasts like a mother, and couldn’t nurse his child when they were cranky.

 Mothers of Class Shiro don’t have much relationship stress with their husband, and enjoy child-raising. The image of home life is becoming more similar to the West, and the lives of young people have surpassed those of previous generations.

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