Happy New Year
From “Kazenoko Letter” No.396 - January 2011

 It has been a calm start to the new year. I hope you greeted the new year with good health.

 We have worked hard to fulfill our “Daycare Center and Parents Raising Children Together” slogan, and I believe that last year was a year in which we made great progress with this. It was a great year in which many guardians participated in events. Many male guardians helped to set up our sports festival and before we knew it, they had managed to complete the preparations. We’ve never been ready so quickly before.

 Many guardians supported the Night stall festival too, and we had a lively and fun summer evening. Everyone commented that they were tired, but that it was fun. I also heard that many people participated in other events and said that they were glad they did. It is remarkable that our staff and guardians created these events together, because all of these events are for the children.

 The number of guardians who attended the Guardian-teacher meetings also increased. At one meeting, a guardian told us, “I’m usually busy and tend to neglect the daycare center, but I try to at least attend the Guardian-teacher meetings. As a parent, I learn a lot whenever I attend.” The fathers meetings are one of the enjoyable events we hold. There are usually 5 -10 voluntary participants, but they are very serious and enthusiastic. These fathers are probably putting a lot of effort into raising their children and being a good father.

 Also at the Kazenoko Jidokan school children’s club, we work on various activities with the guardians during the weekends. These programs are very active too.

 It is very meaningful for the guardians to connect with each other through the children. Modern local communities suffer the loss of support from local residents. It is possible for guardians who have the commonality of raising children while working to become close and build supporting relationships through various activities. I would like to make this into a reality and not just a dream.

 Good luck again this year with your child-raising and your work.

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