After the Sports Festival
From “Kazenoko Letter” No.394 - November 2010

 This year’ sports festival has finished in peace. It’s the biggest event of the year, so I’m relieved. Over our long history the content of our sports festival has changed every time. We have developed a revision of the content of events such as the sports festival, based on the changes in our daily outlook regarding childcare.

 The current content became fixed 7 or 8 years ago. We organized a child-centered sports festival. Children can choose to play based on their athletic abilities and personal preferences, with motivation and a sense of participation. Children have changed from being forced to being willing. They have gained confidence and self-esteem from their desire to be seen by their mother, father and everyone else.

 With this in mind, we shed the image of a sports festival from a display, to one for everyone to enjoy together. Everyone including not only the children at our daycare center but children from after school programs, daycare centers for children with intellectual disabilities, our community and the guardians. I think this festival is a good opportunity to promote parent-child bonding through mutual enjoyment.

 This year, 40 fathers came to help us prepare in the morning. There has never been as many people as this. We were able to get it all done quickly. It was very helpful. We are very appreciative. We would like to place emphasis on this style of event which is created by everyone for the children.

 We have attached a summary of the guardians sports festival questionnaires on the back. I was very happy that many people commented on how fun it was.

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