Dietary Education
From “Kazenoko Letter” No.393 - October 2010

 Many of the children who graduated our center remarked that our lunch was “really good.” They are probably comparing it to the lunch at their elementary schools.

 The lunch at Kazenoko Hoikuen and Baby Home is getting more and more delicious. We put a great deal of effort into the lunches at all our centers from the standpoint of dietary education, and it has changed in a visible manner.

 In recent years, many social welfare corporations first outsource their lunches to a school lunch service company, because of strict budget and management issues. They have rationalized that each meal costs less, the cost of employing nutritionists and a chef is saved, and the company they hire can create complicated documents such as calculation of nutrients.

 Our corporation goes against this stream, sticking to our own lunches, and putting an effort into the food, because we believe that eating is the most enjoyable and happiest thing in our lives. For that reason alone, when we make food, we care about how it looks and how it tastes, or try a new ingredient while ensuring the safety of the food, because we believe dietary habit connects to personal growth.

 We have held recruitment exams for new graduates every summer and fall, and over the past two years, we have received applications from many nutritionists who will graduate from four years in college. Most of them have the intention to take an exam to become a national registered dietitian. However, when I asked them the reason for applying to our corporation, their common answer was that they wanted to work here because we put an effort into dietary education. It’s probably the impression our website gives.

 I suggest you ask your child, “What did you eat for lunch today? Was it good?” on the way home in the evening.

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