Five Spirits
From gKazenoko Letterh No.388 - May 2010

@When parents are asked gHow do you want your child to grow up?h, they probably wish for their child to have an honest and gentle nature. This is probably a common wish as a parent. We aim for children to cultivate an ability to build relationships with people who are important to them.

@It is necessary for human beings to have the strength to connect well with other people while remaining independent. This does not just mean getting along with other people. Itfs more important to build the personfs reliability; becoming a person whom people can trust. In order to cultivate this, what kind of things do we need to pay attention to during a childfs growth? Here, are the gFive Spiritsh we can use.

@1. gThank youh (Expressions of gratitude). 2. gIfm sorryh (Expressions of reflection). 3. gYesh (Expressions of obedience) 4. gThanks to you.h (Expressions of humility). 5. gIfll do it.h (Expressions of service).

@There are few people who embody these five spirits completely. However, it is very important to cultivate the first three spirits from when they are a child and then it becomes possible to turn this into a habit.

@A child grows up watching adults, so the issue is whether the guardian themselves show their five spirits in front of the child.

@An adult is sometimes stubborn, and canft express things in words even though they have things on their mind. Everyday greetings such as, gGood morningh, gHelloh, and gGood byeh are very important in building social relationships. And these five spirits are also very important in developing a personfs character.

@Please draw on these spirits and practice them as part of your household education in order to raise a child who has an honest and gentle nature toward others.

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