Childcare Activities for Preschool Children
From “Kazenoko Letter” No.385 - February 2010

 We have been inviting Ms. Sakaki, a music therapist, Ms. Furugen, an art therapist, and Ms. Kazari, a researcher who specializes in children’s book readings, to our preschool children’s classes.

 These activities fall into categories of musical rhythm, painting, and language, in the field of childcare, but the aim is not to give them better skills. Our objectives are different from a general cram school. In music class, children express themselves physically while enjoying instruments or music, and are submerged in music. In a painting class, they put their efforts into expressing themselves when faced with drawing paper, and not into drawing certain shapes better. In this way, children is mental balance is restored and they develop keen senses. They use their eyes and ears in the world of picture-books, and cultivate their sensitivity while immersing themselves in their imagination.

 The result of these activities won’t appear right away, but as these children continue to grow, their richness of mind should be established.

 However, as a personal example, there is an event every fall in which the oldest group of children from the daycare centers in Osaka-city watch a puppet play at the Osaka City Cultural Center for Children.
5-year-old children from our center also join the event every year. I heard from our staff that in this spacious center, there are many children from other centers who are always noisy and seem not to pay attention to the play, but our children concentrate on watching the play closely and quietly. I feel happy to hear such things, because it might be a result of one of the activities we provide.

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