Night Stall Festival
From gKazenoko Letterh No.379 - August 2009

@ The end of the rainy season came unprecedentedly late, and this has affected various summer events.
School-aged children went to Lake Biwa to camp at the end of July, but it was too cold to play in the water between the light rain. I was worried about other camping groups (another school-aged childrenfs group and the oldest group of children in the daycare center) that was planned for the beginning of August.

@By the way, there are annual summer events, called Bon Dance and Night Stall festivals. Ifd like to talk about the Night Stall festival this time. This year is the 29th event. (The first one was held in 1981.) The decision to start the Night Stall festival was made by consensus of the board of guardianfs association.

@The first reason is that our life as working parents was built on the existence of the daycare center, but we should not keep the relationship between just the guardians and the center, and should expand and consider how we can contribute to our community as well. A daycare center is supported by the community, and guardians are also citizens of the community, so the idea was to invite people in the community and have a nice time together once a year.

@I hear other daycare centers in Osaka city often deals with complaints, gChildren are noisy.h or gPlease stop playing instruments.h, etc. We havenft had such complaints, but it is necessary to have a good relationship and be a center which is supported by the community.

@ Secondly, guardians want to create harmonious relations so they can support each other through the preparation for the festival, because they live separately in the community. We can tell that the relationship they built while attending the daycare center has continued far into the future. This annual event becomes the only opportunity to meet graduates and many of them come, because we built a strong sense of history with them.

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