Parents and the Daycare Center Raising Children Together
From gKazenoko Letterh No.376 - May 2009

@ We have offered childcare under the goal gParents and the Daycare Center Raising Children Togetherh since the mid 70fs. Back then, we set this goal during discussions at the Guardian's Association Meeting. The purpose of this goal is to rraise children together by building a trusting relationship between the guardians and the center. Nursery staff provide childcare during the daytime when children are very active. Guardians and nursery staff are involved in raising children during different time periods of the day. Therefore, if the idea of childcare between the guardian and the center is inconsistent, it will take a toll on the children and have a bad influence on them. In this case, changing the childcare during the daytime is best.

@Also with regards to the child, the guardians and nursery staff are supposed to join forces and not contradict each other.

@For example, there is a child who often bites their friend. The guardian of the child felt bad towards the guardian of the child who was bitten. They pick up their child and worry whether something happened today or not. It becomes troublesome to talk to the teacher in charge. This kind of situation creates a conflict between the guardian and the nursery staff. The truth is that it is important for the guardian and the nursery staff to worry, share ideas and discuss things together in order to find a solution to eliminating this action of biting. They need to deal with the child on the same level.

@The nursery staff donft know about the childfs life at home. The guardians donft see their child at the daycare center. For that reason alone, they both need to understand and cooperate with each other.

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