Introducing room decorations made for our childcare rooms!

New Year

We decorated the entrance and rooms with special decorations that our staff and children made for the new year.


There are many homemade Santa decorations everywhere in time for Christmas!
A 2-year old child told one of these Santa, gIfm looking forward to my present!hcô

Animals in autumn

We made decorations with the Acorns we picked.
They transformed into cute creatures and autumn animals! They are hiding in all sorts of places at the Kazenoko Hoikuen.


The children were looking forward to making Halloween decorations.
They made ghosts with Origami and sugar paper. ËHalloween

Star Festival

The Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair) that the children made were decorated in each childcare room.
Watching the children showing their artwork to their guardians made us smile.

Insects in summer

The children made grasshoppers with the help of our staff, because they saw many grasshoppers on the grass in the yard.
Each of them made a unique grasshopper, and the childcare room became very lively.

Cherry blossoms

Beautiful cherry blossoms bloomed in the childcare rooms. We used transparent pink colored paper, Japanese paper, and origami! We went outside to pick up real branches for the decorations.

Red butterfly

There is a red butterfly on the class name board. Actually, it was cut out from Origami.
It is so cute perched casually like that.

Handmade mobiles
The 5-year-old children made mobiles with our staff, by winding wool round and round.
They gave it to the 0-year-old classroom, and delighted them.


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