Safety Policy

Safety Policy & Consideration for the Environment

We have been working on the following issues at each center.

_ Provide lunch with safe ingredients.
@Currently, there have been a variety of problems related to food.@We donft rely on a lunch company, but have full-time staff. They are certified either as a nutritionist or a chef at each center, and cook lunch with great care.@We try not to use chemical seasoning and are careful about food additives under the theme of gSafe Cooking for Your Health (Be Nice to Your Body)h. (See pictures of our kitchen from each centerfs home page.)

_ Maintain a sanitary kitchen.
@A full-time staff cooks lunch at each center in our corporation, so it is necessary to keep the kitchen clean at all times.@Therefore, we have year-round contracts with professional pest control operators for cockroaches with monthly inspections and treatment if necessary.

_ Provide safe toys and equipment.
@Various toxic substances abound these days. For example, lead was detected in imported toys.@In our corporation, equipment with the safety standard mark gJISh, gSTh, and gSGh are used wherever possible.(Except in case we donft have substitute.)@Also, gifts donated to our corporation might fail to meet the standard.

_ Use mild and environmental cleaning products .
@In our corporation, we have houses for outdoor experiences for clients, their families, and our staff to feel connected to nature. There they learn about environmental issues and the centerfs policy about them.@Our main approach is to use soap that is good for the environment and the human body, as well as detergent and floor wax, elsewhere laws of PRTR essentially.

_ Set air cleaner with humidifier for sanitary conditions in rooms.
@In our corporation, air cleaners with humidifiers run 24 hours a day in all rooms at Kazenoko Hoikuen, Kazenoko Baby Home, Awaji Kodomoen, Himejima Kodomoen, and Suisen no ie.@These machines remove allergens such as bacteria, virus, pollen, diesel formaldehyde dust, and exhaust. They also deodorize and maintain moderate humidity for a secure and pleasant environment.
Only for substances or situations we are aware of at this time.

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