Site Policy・Language Usage

  • All site’s contents (comments and photos) are used with permission of individuals and their families obtained in writing. ※Permission obtained by questionnaire.
    The questionnaire is used at Kazenoko Hoikuen and Kazenoko Baby Home. The similar ones are used at other centers.

  • Copying or reproduction of the site’s contents without permission is prohibited.

  • Please contact us in case you would like to link to our homepage.

  • We used to write the words, “shogai” (disability) and “shogai-sha” (people with disability) all in kanji (Chinese characters), but now we generally write the word, “gai” in shogai in hiragana which are phonetic characters, because the kanji for “gai” has a meaning of “harm.” (Many kanji have meanings.)

  • We also used “chiteki shogai” (intellectual disability) and “chiteki shogai-sha” (people with intellectual disability) all written in kanji in the past issues, but now we generally write “gai” in shogai in hiragana for the above reason.

  • We use law terms, proper nouns and training course names organized by other institutions as they are.

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