Kodomoen Topics

A clinical psychologist and a director of a support center for immigrants from Chicago, U.S.A. came to visit our center

Disaster prevention (January, 2012)
 Our center and Kaze Kobo, an ongoing employment support center, jointly held a disaster drill. Later, the staff discussed the details of the drill for possible earthquake and tsunami.

The discussion

Osaka-Chicago Social Service Specialists Exchange Program 2011
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A visitor from Sweden (November, 2009)
 Mrs. Gunnel came to visit our center. Some children were surprised to see a foreigner for the first time, but they became friends with her quickly because of her gentle manners. Mrs. Gunnel demonstrated a strong desire for learning. She not only observed the center, but also spent time speaking with staff about their work.
Meeting with President Iwasaki and Instructor Furugen
Interested in nutrition table of lunch menu

Talking to a child and his mother

Transformed from a stuff animal into a telephone!? “Hello?”

Observing a play-room

Observing is not enough, so joining to play with children

Joining mothers’ meeting!

Introducing our consulting doctor

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