Class for delay in language development
(Consultation about raising infants for parents and the infants who stay at home)

@The professional staff in child development provides consultation for a mother and/or father while playing with his or her child together.@Would you like to visit our center if you are worried about your childfs development?

Language development c pre-verbal / delay in language development
Emotional and behavioral development c nervousness and anxiousness / difficulty playing with other children
Difficulty raising a child c difficulty holding a child / having a temper tantrum
Diagnoses of developmental disabilities c pervasive developmental disorder / autism

10:00am ` 11:30am, every Friday

Awaji Kodomoen i5-1-12 Nishiawaji, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osakaj@¨Map

Free iRegistration systemj

E We play with the preschool-aged child and their mother and/or father in a room with fun play equipment whilst consulting with the childfs mother and /or father.
E We develop a strategy the childfs development as a way of supporting language development.
E We discuss common problems and difficulties in a small group.

yContact Informationz
Awaji Kodomoen@
TEL; 06-6323-6395 FAX: 06-6323-2856 iAdministrator: Iwasakij
Please call us if you want to join this class for the first time.

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Operated by
Social Welfare Corporation SUISEN FUKUSHIKAI
Awaji Kodomoen 5-1-12 Nishi awaji, Higashi yodogawa-ku, Osaka 533-0031
TEL: 06-6323-6395 FAX: 06-6323-2856